Stupidest Samsung Galaxy S5 Test Ever Ends With Battery Explosion

Stupidest Samsung Galaxy S5 Test Ever Ends With Battery Explosion

Update: Looks like the original uploader has pulled down his slightly comical video. Sorry about that, folks!

You know those little warnings on the back of your battery that say “do not puncture”? Turns out they really mean don’t puncture this, you idiot. Thankfully, here’s an idiot who can’t read to show us exactly why you shouldn’t do it.

In a bid to show how tough the Samsung Galaxy S5 is, a YouTube reviewer decided to belt the crap out of the phone with a hammer.

Considering you’re not going to spend your days belting the hell out of your phone with a tool meant for pounding nails and killing zombies, I’m not sure what it’s meant to demonstrate.

Either way, the S5 broke after a few good whacks.

The “tester” then decided it would be a great spectacle for his channel if he destroyed the S5. That certainly would be cool to watch because why not? The stupid mistake this guy made was puncturing the battery with the hammer to the point that it rapidly expanded bordering on an uncontrolled explosion.

You see, batteries are mixtures of hazardous chemicals that need to be handled delicately. If the battery compartment is fractured, it can expand and in some cases, explode as we’ve seen before.

I have never been more serious in my life when I say don’t try this at home.