Samsung Wants To Trade Mark The Word ‘Plot’ In Australia, Among Others

Samsung Wants To Trade Mark The Word ‘Plot’ In Australia, Among Others

Last week, Samsung filed a bunch of new trade marks in Australia. One of those is for the word “Plot”, specifically relating to technology hardware and software — there’s no hint as to what this particular trade mark is actually referring to, but it sounds like Samsung is plotting something new.

According to TM Watch, “Plot” is just one of the half-dozen new trade marks filed recently by Samsung Korea through a few different Australian legal representatives; the others are “Citron”, “Diffuser”, “App Connect”, “DTOC” and a new logo for its curved Ultra HD television.

TM Watch has all the details, including links to the trade mark applications; it looks like Samsung has been pretty trade mark-happy in 2014 so far. These new trade mark applications follow previous marks for Samsung’s fingerprint scanner and a vehicle control app icon.

A quick Google search for “Samsung Plot” doesn’t bring up any obvious hints; it’s likely that Samsung is either stocking up on trade marks for possible future products or services, or has something specific planned for an imminent release.

The vague nature of both the name “Plot” and the South Korean company’s trade mark application is interesting. With such a broad scope for the application — basically every technology and computing category is covered, both hardware and software — there will likely be some opposition from other interested parties, along the same lines as when Apple tried to trade mark “STARTUP”. [TM Watch]