Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

It’s the weekend! We know you worked hard all week, and you’re ready to chill out, max and relax all cool. Make sure your smartphone’s ready too with our favourite apps of the week.


Opera Browser

Updated this week for smoother swiping and more stable navigation, Opera’s browser is fast and smooth. “Off-Road” mode keeps you connected on slow or crowded networks (and cuts your data costs), and the Discover feature sends you directly to the latest magazine and newspaper articles to keep you up to date on what’s going on around the world. [Free]

SunSet Timer

Sunset is perhaps the most beautiful time of day to wander around outdoors. But if you're far from home while the sun is going down, you could be in trouble. SunSet Timer uses your Android's GPS system to tell you exactly when the sun will go down where you're located, without a data connection. Plus, you can set an alarm for a specific time before or after sunset -- handy for photographers or folks who want to make sure they're in just the right spot to watch the fire in the sky. [$1]

CallWho Smart Contacts Widget

You've probably got dozens, if not hundreds, of people in your contacts list. But you probably only call a small handful of them on a daily or weekly basis. CallWho learns who you call, and when, and surfaces a contact widget, say, when you call Mum on your way home from work on Thursday nights. Plus, the whole thing is crazy customisable, letting you configure to your heart's content. [Free]


Opera Coast

Oh man is this slick. Opera does away with the clunky navigation buttons that eat up page space in your browser, replacing them with intuitive swipe gestures for navigating. Pick home screen tiles for your favourite sites, use swipes to go backward, forward, and Google search, and ponder how you ever lived without it. [Free]

Weather Channel

Fresh from a brand-new iOS 7 redesign, The Weather Channel's app lets you swipe to find saved locations, detailed forecasts, and weather stories. Plus, you can share your weather with a pic to help improve forecasts in your area (or just to brag), and you'll get severe weather alerts that affect your area so you'll never be caught off-guard by a nasty storm. [Free]


There's something artificial feeling about star ratings or "liking" things on Facebook. Squerb lets you express your opinion on restaurants, movies, music, videos or whatever in a broader and deeper way. Plot out on the graph where your feelings lie, see how other Squerb users feel about whatever it is you're talking about, and share your opinions to social media. [Free]

Windows Phone


Use your Windows Phone's built-in light sensor to measure the brightness of whatever place you're in. With options to measure in foot-candles, Phot, Nox, or (of course) lux, this free app is super-handy for photographers and anyone who nerds out about light levels. [Free]


What are you doing with all those great photos on your phone? Nothing, probably. Don't let them languish -- UbiShow lets you create fun, beautiful slideshows, complete with transitions and background music. Show off your gorgeous shots! [Free]