Northern Territory To Expand Trial Of Speed Limit-Free Roads

Two months ago, the Northern Territory became driving nirvana: it removed the speed limits on a few sections of its gloriously long highway. Now the government wants to go even further and pull the limits off other roads around the Territory.

The Northern Territory government repealed the speed limit on a 200km part of the Sturt Highway two months ago, and now it wants to go further by potentially repealing limits on more of the Sturt and parts of the Barkley Highway.

The Territory's transport minister says that "anecdotally...people are behaving themselves" so far.

But not everyone's thrilled with the idea to remove more speed limits. Researchers from the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety at the Queensland University of Technology have warned that the Territory's roads aren't the sorts of roads you'd like to be driving on fast. It's not like a German autobahn, they warned the ABC.

How much are flights to Darwin now?

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