Nissan's Self-Cleaning Car Repels Mud Like Magic

How many times have you cleaned your car to factory-quality beauty, and then found that you drove home through a puddle and ruined it? Nissan feels your pain, and invented a paint finish that actively repels mud, water and dust.

To demonstrate, the car took its Note hatchback, and painted half of it with the water-repellant paint, and the other half with just normal body paint, and took the car out for a muddy, wet, messy spin. The results were remarkable.

Where dirt, mud and water would pool and pour down the bodywork of the Note only to leave a horrible stained residue on the surface, the treated bodywork stayed a shiny, pearlescent white colour as if it had never left the car wash.

I think I'd like to coat everything in my life with this stuff now.

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