Melbourne Train Vandals Are Sabotaging Signals In Daring Raids

Melbourne Train Vandals Are Sabotaging Signals In Daring Raids

Graffiti is an interesting pendulum swing. On the one hand, it can be incredibly beautiful and detailed. On the other, it’s mindless tagging that can be a blight on a city. Vandals looking to tag Melbourne’s train carriages are finding more and more daring ways of getting the job done, attacking signal points and train infrastructure to execute daring raids.

Melbourne’s City Loop tunnel sees tens of locomotives trundle through it every day, but one driver was hit with a surprise when half a kilometre into the tunnel, the train stopped after some signals were reportedly sabotaged by vandals. The vandals then disconnected the signals, stopping the train between Parliament and Richmond stations and set about tagging an entire side of the locomotive.

Passengers were delayed for some time while police were dispatched to search the tunnels.

The attack, however, is nothing new. If anything, it’s getting worse.

30 vandals reportedly besieged another Melbourne train two weeks ago, when one stopped it by shoving a brick under the wheel, while another pulled an air hose from the back forcing the driver to go to the rear of the train and restart it. All the while, the vandals went about their work of spraying graffiti tags on the locomotive.

These vandals are recording their work and uploading it to YouTube with GoPro cameras attached to their heads.

One passenger managed to catch one of the raids in action on a train in motion. Passengers were none too pleased about the raid, throwing water, litter and other items at the vandals to get them to stop.

Police are appealing anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Train graffiti image via Shutterstock