Melbourne Man Seeks $50 Million To Fund New Season Of Stargate Universe

Look, I was disappointed as well when Syfy decided to can Stargate Universe, the third live-action series to be based loosely on Roland Emmerich's 1994 movie. I could have started a petition, or cried tears into an ice cube tray shaped like a voodoo doll and cursed the higher-ups at Syfy. What I didn't think to do was start a Kickstarter campaign asking for $50 million, because that would be utterly mad.

That hasn't stopped Melbourne-based Jonathan Annett from firing up a project on the crowdfunding site, asking fans to pledge various amounts of coin on the off-chance that, even if he did reach the required target, anyone associated with the show would want anything to do with it.

Annett has no links the the production whatsoever... which doesn't really build the confidence levels:

I am simply a fan of the show, and am not affiliated with any of the cast, crew, writing staff, producers, studio or special effects companies who produced SGU. I just looked at the situation, and asked myself "why is nobody running a kickstarter campaign to bring SGU back?".

That said, he has managed to get $4678 at the time of writing, but the other $49,995,322 is going to be might hard to get.

[Kickstarter via Blastr]

Image: Syfy

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