If Jedis From Star Wars Fought Wizards From Harry Potter, Who Wins?

If Jedis from Star Wars fought wizards from Harry Potter, who wins?

Star Wars vs Harry Potter. The Force vs magic. Jedis vs wizards. Lightsabres vs wands. People born before 1990 vs the kids who come after. Who would win in this epic battle? In this ridiculously enjoyable video with CGI effects of two friends battling for sci-fi fantasy supremacy, we see a Jedi fight a wizard to end the argument forever.

Though let's be honest, there never really was an argument, right? We all know which is better. The video, which was directed by Danny & Michael Philippou, starts off like your typical bro-ish YouTube production but transforms into something so much more. It's funny, it's smart, it's action packed and it's so much fun. Enjoy.

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