How This Crazy Three-Minute Sequence Was Shot In A Single Take

The three-minute video above is all one single shot created by DJI Innovations to showcase the company’s new sub-$5000 Ronin gimbal stabilisation system for cameras. OK, maybe the content is a little cheesy, but the behind-the-scenes video shows just how impressive the take really is.

The recently announced three-axis, gimbal system can be used in several different hand-held and mounted modes, which you can switch between quickly without any tools. It’s cheaper and simpler than most professional rigs, while offering some pretty high-level functionality.

While this video is obviously designed specifically to illustrate the strengths of the product, it’s still pretty crazy. The gimbal switches hands five times in the course of the video, and the hand-offs are unnoticeable in the footage. The long shot has a little shake because it’s supposed to look hand-held, but you don’t realise that the gimbal is being passed back and forth from human to machine to human to machine. While this isn’t the kind of tech everybody is going to have access to, it’s still pretty damn cool. [DJI Innovations]