Government Might Defund Australia's Crash Safety Testing Body

The government is looking for as much spare change behind the couch cushions as it can coming up to this year's Federal Budget, and one of the savings being considered is the potential defunding of ANCAP, Australia's crash safety testing body.

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program, better known as ANCAP, is funded by the Federal Government to the tune of $2 million a year. That's a drop in the budgetary ocean when considered with larger projects and agencies.

ANCAP performs crash simulations including colliding a store-bought car head on with another vehicle at over 64km/h, a side-impact test with a 950kg trolley to simulate a t-bone-style crash, and a pole crash test to see how side-impact, curtain-style airbags might fare.

From there, a star-rating about the car's safety is generated and used as useful consumer advice. Don't accept anything less than a five-star rating is their advice.

<a href=" Age reports today that ANCAP might just lose its government funding, potentially in the next Federal Budget.

Even without the looming Federal Budget, the demise of the ANCAP may be all but certain, considering the state of Australia's manufacturing sector. Over the next three years, Australia will find itself without a car industry thanks to decisions by Holden, Ford and Mitsubishi to shut up shop in Australia, leaving ANCAP with nothing to test.

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