Bullying Reportedly Rampant At CSIRO

Bullying Reportedly Rampant At CSIRO

Looming job cuts, support staff squeezes and impending budgetary losses aren’t the only dramas to befoul Australia’s peak science body, the CSIRO, these days: a new unit has been set up within the organisation to weed out what’s being described as rampant workplace bullying.

This isn’t the first time the CSIRO has had a perceived bullying problem. A recent probe into bullying at the CSIRO investigated 110 complaints, and saw two managers recommended for code of conduct violation investigation. It was the second sweeping investigation of its kind, but it appears to have done little to quell the fears of staff.

The SMH reports that a recent survey revealed over half of employees are still afraid to speak out over workplace bullying. Furthermore, the reviews into bullying have been branded as political stunts.

Hang in there, science. Take a stand!

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