Beautiful Custom Motorbike Is Actually A 360-Degree Security Camera

Beautiful Custom Motorbike Is Actually A 360-Degree Security Camera

This gorgeous custom motorbike began its life as an utterly mundane Honda P25, a fuel-efficient 1960s scooter. But motorcycle artisan Chicara Nagata turned it into a sweeping sculpture with a social-commentary twist: the tiny bike carries four infrared security cameras in its frame, built at the behest of a Japanese security company.

Take a closer look at the little Honda’s fully custom frame, beautifully photographed by our friends at Megadeluxe.

Sony infrared security cameras sit at the ends of the frame, taking the place of a normal headlight and taillight. The infrared LEDs around the cameras look, to the casual eye, like a normal lighting setup. It’s only upon closer examination that you realise these aren’t your standard lights.

It’s a little easier to recognise the cameras sticking out of either side of the frame — they’re not masquerading as anything other than what they are. Still, until you look closely, you might not realise what they are.

As Chicara explained to Megadeluxe’s Wes Garcia, the project was commissioned by Japan Security Systems Co. The company president wanted security equipment that had never been seen before, and left all the decisions up to Chicara.

The renowned bike builder decided to use security cameras as the focal point of his sculpture.

Security cameras are usually installed at the ceiling or embedded in walls and they are quiet and unrecognised by passengers. How about a security camera which can’t be ignored?

The motorised surveillance sculpture provides for a lot of pondering. For riders of two-wheeled vehicles, the idea of constant 360-degree surveillance is comforting — especially if you ride on crowded city streets. More broadly, seeing security cameras presented as focal point makes you wonder at the number of hidden, camouflaged, or obscured surveillance devices you’ve already passed by today.

Hop on over to Megadeluxe to see more gorgeous pictures, and read Chicara’s own words explaining the thought process behind this beauty. [Megadeluxe via The Awesomer]

Pictures: Wes Garcia