Are Robot Waiters Joining Google’s Automaton Army?

Are Robot Waiters Joining Google’s Automaton Army?

Google’s continued push into the robotics industry continues, with its latest investment being a stake in Silicon Valley’s Savioke — which focuses on service industry machines. The nature of Savioke’s current work remains undisclosed, with the company only being formed last year. So what’s caught Google’s eye in order to secure a mystery amount of seed investment for the firm?

A look at Savioke’s website points to care facilities and hospitals being potential places where its machines could be put in place, as well as restaurants and hotels. Could a robotic bellboy greet you at a motel visit in a few years time, or cyborg-seared steak be served up at a restaurant?

It’s worth noting that it is Google Ventures, the search giant’s investment arm, rather than the wider Google company that’s putting forward the undisclosed investment amount (Savioke has disclosed £1.2 million from other sources). However, Google Ventures was used to break the ice with Nest before Google’s eventual buyout of the smart thermostat maker, so it’s not impossible that Google may be lining up Savioke for a similar buyout further down the line. [BBC]

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