You Can Buy The New HTC One On Google Play Right Now - But Only In The US

You Can Buy the New HTC One on Google Play Right Now

Following the launch of the all-new HTC One internationally yesterday, you can already buy one from the US Google Play Store, stripped of its HTC guff.

There's no word of a HTC One Google Play Edition local release — and it's not likely, given that there wasn't any Australian availability for the original One Play Edition, although that didn't stop enterprising enthusiasts rooting their regular phones with customised GPE ROMs.

The phone on offer via Google runs a version of stock Android very similar to Google's Nexus range, which means you don't get any of HTC's Sense software or apps. It's priced at $US699, claims to start shipping in two-to-three weeks and is only available through the US store right now.

HTC's new phone is enjoying its Australian launch tonight — stay tuned for any news. [Google]

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