This Australian Restaurant Delivers Meals By Parachute

In the broad spectrum of goofball ideas out there, attaching piping fresh toasties to colourful little parachutes and tossing them out of a window to someone’s open arms ranks pretty highly towards the Yup, That’s Pretty Damn Silly end of things. And yet! Jafflechutes exists, and it does exactly that. What a wonderful world.

The pop-up service bills itself as the “float-down eatery,” showering the good people of Melbourne — and soon, New York — with Jaffles (that delicious kind of clamped-edge sando made with a special iron).

Here’s the drill: Order your cheese and tomato (or ham) treat via PayPal (at a not unreasonable $5 to $7), get the delivery coordinates, stand on the footpath at X-marks-the-spot, and look up to receive your lunch.

What it lacks in efficiency — a lot, considering that first-hand reports reveal some meals have gotten stuck in trees or on top of awnings — it seems to more than make up for in delight.

I mean, it’s eye-rollingly unnecessary, but who cares; I would get a kick out of doing this. It’s just off-the-wall enough to be worth it for an afternoon snack. Like the opposite of this pizza dude, and a more evolved version of these gals dangling cookies in San Francisco.

Apparently the founders made a whopping $1 profit off of the most recent effort on Sunday, so they’re clearly doing this for love, not money. Follow them on Twitter for updates on where they will be next. [Knstrct]