Watch The First 11 Minutes Of Captain America 2 Right Here

The first 11 minutes of Captain America 2 are a lot of fun — watch here

Wow. Marvel just released the first 11 minutes of Captain America 2: Winter Soldier — which will premiere on April 4. Lots of action happens in those minutes and, funnily enough, most of it is Scarlett Johansson kicking some serious arse in her tight Black Widow suit.

At the beginning, Cap meets Sam Wilson for the first time — who later becomes his best buddy, The Falcon. Scarlett Johansson appears right after. The two of them go on to take down 25 pirates — top level mercenaries, not your regular Captain Phillips variety — at a mobile satellite launch platform. And when I say "they" I actually mean "her," because she gets the best moves, including her famous 30,000-volt static electricity bite

Apparently this wasn't released by Marvel, so they took it down.


    does anyone else think 11 minutes is a bit much for a trailer
    i cant watch them anymore cause they either give away plot twists or spoon feed us the movie so its no longer entertaining cause you saw all the exciting bits in he trailer

      It isn't a trailer per se but literally the first 11-minutes. So it only gives away as much as the first 11-minutes of the actual film. Aside from finding out that GSP is in the movie, it hasn't spoilt anything for me.

      Why watch it and bitch about it. Just don't watch it and save us from all the crying..

    Saw this sneak peak at the movies the other night, and actually felt bored. Incredibly bored. Not sure if it was the lack of a soundtrack, or the general lack of excitement, it did nothing for me at all.

    Captain 'murica can kick somebody so hard that they travel backwards at ridiculous pace. Yet he ends up getting himself into ridiculous little fist fights? Uhh, no.

      yeah that I'm not a physicist but i'm pretty sure a kick like that should have send the cap flying backward as well unless he has magnetic boots or something

      Good. I thought I was the only one to get bored. I kept having the song.. I'm a yanky doodle dandy go through my head while watching it. Also I don't care how strong he is. If you jump out a plane and hit the water. You're gonna die and be ripped apart.

    I can suspend my sense of disbelief with the best of 'em... but some of these shows are really pushing my boundaries...!

      Well, it is based on a comic book.

    Unfortunately my German is as rusty as my French, but I think it looks good. The guy playing Sam Wilson is one of my favorite supporting actors. He seems like he'd be the nicest guy in real life.

      He actually is, I met him at a 49ers bar in Manhattan. He's the coolest dude.

        I read an article about the bar he owns in new york. He built most of it himself, and he works on plumbing, cleans up shit etc. Seems like a really down to earth guy.

    Personally I loved it. In comparison to part 1, this feels like an actual movie. Part 1 just felt like a string of montages loosely threaded together. Love how Batroc the Leaper is put in there, can't wait to see how the other badguys like Crossbones are integrated :D

      See, I haven't read enough Cap comics to know enough about his part of the MCU... When they announced the title of this movie, I went and grabbed The WInter Soldier paperback, so I'm going in reasonably well versed on the main plot points of this one, but what other arcs should I read?

        Thats about it really. Winter soldier will give you enough background. Batroc and Crossbones are two mercenaries in the cap series who he tangles with time to time. Not major villains though. Though I do have a feeling this is building up to a variant of the marvel civil war story somehow

    I think its a bit too much but at the same time. its a beta test to see if many people will buy this movie online before it goes to cinemas.
    I have a massive room with huge projector 7.1 sound comfy chairs. I really dont want or need to go to the cinemas to be bothered by phones, overzealous viewers.
    I just want the choice to watch it at home with some friends, when I want where I want. when are media companies going to get this. geoblocking, lack of availability and restrictions are what causes piracy, not that we dont want to pay for it!
    take some documentaries on travel or the food network. there is an amazing one now. yet I cant watch it cause of geoblocking. so I email the shows creator/producer. and say hey any chance you can remove the geoblock and put it on Itunes or netflix. so he does. but forgets the geoblocking! FFS

    The first Captain America movie was one of the worst movies I have ever watched. Does this look any better?

      One of the worst movies? Really?
      Watch The Hangover Games then tell me about worst movies..

        Okay, I won't dispute that. I watched about 15 minutes of one of those on a plane once. I shut it off and put on some shitty straight to DVD movie with Kevin Spacey in it instead.

      ahh but my friend you forget the aboriton that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and it's even worse sequel The Wolverine.

        I scrubbed X-Men Origins: Wolverine from my memory, and steered well clear of The Wolverine.
        That said, Captain America was worse than Origins: Wolverine.

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