This Race Between An Australian Air Force Jet And An F1 Car Is Flawed, But I Don't Care

The idea of racing a fast car against a fighter jet is nothing new. Top Gear's race between a jet and the Bugatti Veyron comes to mind. Red Bull doesn't care though. It's pitted Daniel Riccardio and his F1 car up against the might of the Royal Australian Air Force. It's a flawed race, but who cares.

Presumably, the clip is to illustrate the power of an F1 car being able to hold its own against a fighter jet. They take off from the start line on the runway and presumably race to the end.

The jet seems to abandon the race halfway through, however, and begin a vertical ascent. Either way, though, it beat Riccardio hands-down.

Sure, the F1 car might have it off the line against a fighter, but nothing beats that giant jet engine in a fight.

It's a flawed race, but I don't care. Watching these two go at it is mesmerising.

When Riccardio is upset about being disqualified from the Melbourne F1, he can just remember the fun he had on this day.

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