This Knit Galloping Horse Is The Most Mesmerising Thing You’ll See Today

Welp, there goes my morning. Once I start staring at this looping experiment in stitchery, I just can’t look away. Instead of using photos, artist Sam Meech made this Eadweard Muybridge-inspired animation with 272 frames captured on a custom 13m long stretch of woven fabric.

The GIF is good, but you have to watch the clip, complete with clompy, galloping sound effects and a bit of static sewn in at the end:

Meech is doing lots of great stuff through the “Knitting Digital” research project; check out the fun process behind this football scarf.

The “Knitronica” series is awesome, if not a bit tougher to parse at first glance.

A bunch of trials linking knitting and sound were done during an afternoon at the pub with a ton of cool gear. Says Meech of the boozy day: “I attempted some ambient amplification and distortion of the sounds of the knitting activities, mic-ing up the machines and running the sound through a series of fx modules in Isadora.”

Folks were also encouraged to create their own designs which were scanned and transformed into sonic samples in MetaSynth then knit on a Brother Kh950i electronic.

I’m generally partial to handmade goods myself, but am super excited to see all the different ways machines are being used to produce these kinds of totally unique pieces. Drop any cool stuff you’ve seen lately in the comments! [PSFK]