These Sleek Hangers Swap Hooks For Magnets

These Sleek Hangers Swap Hooks for Magnets

These sleek hangers, designed by German-Latvian agency Flow Design, look like something's missing. Don't worry though: they've simply swapped the hooks for magnets.

Called Cliq, the hangers resemble the dozens already hanging in your closet in terms of size and proportions. But at the top is a powerful magnet — strong enough to support items weighing up to 2kg — which allows them to attach to metallic surfaces, either flat or curved.

The natural repulsion of the magnets create a small but useful gap between garments, and the loss of the hooks saves 6cm of vertical space — not a lot, but in a tight space that could make a real difference. Fortunately, the magnets aren't so strong that you can't slide them back and forth like regular hangers.

The name, as you might've guessed, originates from the satisfying noise which the hangers make when they attach to the surface they're to hang from. They're available in natural birch, black or white, and are available for preorder now, shipping in May 2014. But be warned: at $200 for three, they don't come cheap. [Cliq via Dezeen]

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