These Rainbow Clouds Made From Pigment In Water Are Stunning

The interaction of unexpected materials can really mess with your senses, whether through colour or texture — or both. That’s definitely the case with photographer Kim Keever’s colourific photos of billowing pigment plumes.

At first glance it may seem like you are gazing at some kind of candy-land nuclear blast, or volcanos erupting on an alien planet. Actually, the magic consists of various coloured pigments being dropped into a huge tank of water. The resulting fluid dynamics are pretty unbelievable.

Here is a shot of Keever at work, standing above the 760-litre tank he uses for the shots.

A former engineer, Keever’s previous work with miniature landscape models has been featured on Gizmodo before. If you want to see his stuff in person, he is having a solo show at Waterhouse & Dodd Gallery in New York City on 2 April 2014. [Fubiz]