The First Transformers 4 Trailer Is Here

The First Transformers 4 Trailer Is Here

Forget Superbowl teasers. The first real trailer for Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction is here, and it’s full of explosions, car robots, Dinobots and even more explosions.

The trailer opens on Marky Mark Wahlberg collecting junkers to flip in order keep his family going. His daughter (who looks only about 10 years younger than he does) urges him to stop, but nothing will keep him down.

Eventually, he works out that he’s found Optimus Prime, and that’s when the government thugs come down to Texas to play. Cue giant explosions, transforming cars and everyone’s favourite BWAAAAAAM sound effects.

The trailer ends with Optimus Prime punching a Dinobot in the middle of its face.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction hits theatres June 27.