Sony And Panasonic's New Optical Archival Discs Will Store Up To 1TB

Sony and Panasonic's New Optical Archival Discs Will Store Up to 1TB

Sony and Panasonic announced last year that they had plans to develop a new, high-capacity optical storage disc — and they weren't lying. New details indicate that a new Archival Disc format will have a capacity of up to 1TB.

Claiming that the Archival Disc format will be hardy — coping well with dust, temperature and humidity — Sony and Panasonic plan to endow the format with "inter-generational compatibility". That means that while the first iteration, due summer 2015, will cram 300GB onto a single disc, the associated kit should play nicely by the time a 1TB disc arrives... some time.

Primarily be targeted at "professionals", these high-capacity discs should be good for backups and archiving — especially when it comes to HD video and the like. Who needs Blu-ray anyway? [Sony via Engadget]

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