Simon Hackett And A Tesla Alumni Are Building An Electric Racing Car Company

Simon Hackett loves his electric cars. When he wasn't busy running the ISP he founded (Internode, for those out of the loop), he was driving around in his Tesla Roadster. That Roadster was reputedly the first of its kind sold in Australia. Simon is now taking his love for electric cars into high gear, investing seven figures in a new electric racing company. One that purports to have plans for a car capable of doing 0-200km/h in under eight seconds.

It's called eV Race Systems, and it's the brainchild of Rudi Tuisk. Rudi is the guy who helped bring the first Tesla cars to Australia. Together, Rudi and Simon Hackett will be putting five prototype cars together for demonstration later this year.

So what can the cars do? Well, the pair claim that the new electric racers will pack 400kW of power and 800Nm of torque, giving it the ability to accelerate its 1000kg weight from 0-200km/h in less than eight seconds.

Hackett has reportedly invested up to seven figures getting eV Race Systems off the ground, and he truly believes that Australia is the place to be for electric car construction in the future:

Australia has convenient proximity to Asia for cell supply and access to innovative and exceptionally talented engineers. As we’re saying goodbye to Toyota, Ford and Holden assembly plants, Australia has the opportunity to embrace and invest in EV (Electric Vehicle) technology that can underpin new local manufacturing in coming decades.

We look forward to seeing what the pair have in store for later on this year!



    Perhaps he should just invest in a Formula E team?

      too many limitation in racing, you can only have this much aro only be this size at this weight. there is more freedom in a road car.
      this country needs a automotive shift where more people drive electric cars and i would do it if any of theme wore good.
      800nm sign me up that is a wet dream for me.

        They're planning on building a race car though, not a road car...

    So is there no focus on how far they will go without charging or is it just a Aussie bogan thing about power.

      Yeah it seems all electric cars boast about how fast they are but never how long they last. Probably because they dont last long.

    This is really great. Hopefully the tech/production line will trickle down to a somewhat affordable, locally produced road-going sports EV in the not-too-distant future.

      This is what I was saying to my wife. I was hoping they would start electric car racing, because current F1 and other racing advances tend to trickle into the consumer market.
      This will push the technology and help the consumer. Unfortunately, the rev heads probably won't like it as much because there won't be much noise. And without supporters, there isn't advertising potential and cash.

    Simon should attack from 2 angles.
    1. High performance, 0-200kph in 8 seconds.
    2. High endurance. Sydney to Perth on a single charge.

    Please, an affordable rear/all wheel drive electric vehicle.
    Sydney to Perth on a single charge sounds nice but probably asking a bit much.
    Off or on-grid charging.

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