See Your Entire Browser History In A (Somewhat Terrifying) Favicon Grid

See Your Entire Browser History In a (Somewhat Terrifying) Favicon Grid

This is what a life online looks like. If you're interested in seeing your very own browser history all piled up, head right on over to Iconic History; a plug-in that turns your page clicks — all of them — into an unfiltered grid of favicons.

Every URL you visit will make an appearance, sorted and stacked by when you looked them up; hovering over an individual mini-pic will reveal even more info, including specific titles and exact times you checked them out.

See Your Entire Browser History In a (Somewhat Terrifying) Favicon Grid

The data viz project was created by Carnegie Mellon student Shan Huang, who wanted to "dig deep" into her web activity to create a new kind of personal narration. The idea was to create a virtual "library" of sites, as a kind of nod to how many dead-tree books she would have been able to complete had she been reading instead of scrolling; pulling the favicons into it allowed her to see patterns that recalled specific life events: A long night spent doing research and homework, a shopping binge.

Interested in trying it yourself? The Chrome extension is available here. Any brave souls who want to give it a go and share a screenshot and/or any striking revelations upon seeing their digital existence in this new format, please feel free to share in Kinja® below. [Co.Design]

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