Field Notes' New Notebooks Have Real Wood Covers, And You Can Buy Them In Australia

Real Wood Covers Make Every One of These Field Notes Notebooks Unique

Field Notes' new line of notebooks may be mass-produced, but that doesn't mean they're all identical. With covers made of thinly sliced American Cherry wood, each Shelterwood edition's cover is a completely unique natural beauty. And they'll be sold in Australia... probably.

Field Notes is a US brand, but there are almost two dozen stores around Australia that sell these artisanal notebooks — and we're really hoping some of these new limited-edition bindings make it to local stores. We're checking with stockists to make sure, but everything we've heard so far is positive.

Starting from a hand-picked cherry tree grown in Illinois or Wisconsin, the wood covers are milled from 5-foot wide logs to make one 5,000 square foot sheet. The wood-paper is pasted on to a kraft paper base, then printed with a slightly opaque white logo that lets the woodgrain show through. Check out Field Notes' beautiful video — the process is pretty much exactly how you'd imagine.

A three-pack of Shelterwood notebooks goes for $US10, but Field Notes warns that special editions like this often sell out fast. If you're looking to branch out into a new style of notebooks, better make like a tree. [Field Notes via Laughing Squid]

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