It's Almost Impossible For A Wallet To Get Any Thinner Than This

It's Almost Impossible For a Wallet To Get Any Thinner Than This

The pursuit of an absolutely minimal wallet leads some to just wrap an elastic band around their plastic cards and cash. But many of us still need a little more structure than that, and that's what the Flexy delivers, with a form factor that's just barely larger than a single credit card.

Made from a single piece of precision cut titanium, the flexible metal tabs can accommodate up to ten plastic credit, debit, or ID cards, or up to 50 paper bills without snapping. It's more of a money clip than anything, but it provides a better way to organise the stuff you cram in your pocket.

At $US40 you're paying a lot for very little material, but given titanium is used in the Air Force's finest and fastest fighter jets, there's a good chance it will easily shrug off whatever wear and tear you throw at it. [Carbon Tactics via Better Living Through Design]

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