Google Play Now Has An 'Australian Made' Category For Apps

While I don't believe most Australian smartphone owners go out of their way to download locally-made apps, it's always nice to find one that suits your needs and checks this box. Today, Google looks to have made getting both these birds with one download easier by introducing an "Australian Made" category to Google Play.

Spotted this morning by James Finnigan over at Ausdroid, the category appears in the app and web versions of the store. Once selected, the heading simply reads "Homegrown Apps and Games", so it's entirely possible this feature has been rolled out to other regions.

That said, Australia is known for being a hub for app development, so having our own section (along with a number of other major incubators) makes sense. Going by the relatively small selection of software, I'm assuming it's curated, which gives Google another tool in its marketing arsenal — at least for local apps.

[Google Play, via Ausdroid]

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