Every Public Bathroom Needs These Touchless Hand-Washing Dryers

Many public bathrooms already have taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers that can operate hands-free. But the Robo-washer combines all of them into a single unit that you can stick dirty hands into and have them come out perfectly clean.

Everything inside the Robo-washer is touch-free as well. So you don’t have to worry about a bunch of brushes scrubbing and scraping your hands all up. Instead, high-powered jets spray soap and water onto your dirty mitts, cleaning them as you move them around inside the machine. And then when all the soap and dirt has been rinsed off, air jets dry your hands in no time flat.

Not only can you squeeze more of these machines into a public restroom, reducing lineups, having everything contained in the box eliminates countertops that are usually completely flooded. It also helps guarantee someone’s hands actually get properly cleaned since you have to wait for the scrubbing cycle to finish before the dryers kick in. Which makes it perfect for restaurant staff and other employees who handle food.

Inventor Donald Vitez has decided to take his creation to Kickstarter to help raise funds to put it into production. But hopefully a company like Dyson will realise how much cleaner the world could be with the Robo-washer in existence, and will help Vitez realise his design. [YouTube via Home Crux]