Even Cooler Parents Actually Sing Frozen Song Perfectly

Even cooler parents actually sing Frozen song perfectly

What the hell, internet, will the Frozen-mania ever stop? Check out these videos of people making fun of the picture-perfect parents from Texas and besting them in the process. First, these parents really sing the song Love Is an Open Door. It actually sounds as good as the original.

Then there's these twins, which are as good as the perfect lip-sync parents, but way, way freakier:

And of course there's that dude who sings Frozen's Let It Go in the voices of 21 classic animation characters:

Plus the original lip-sync video, added because why not:

Are you frozened-out yet? I am. But, hey, feel free to post whatever other Frozen stuff you want in the comments and turn this post into a Frozen black hole until reaches critical mass and destroys the universe.

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