Dear Creepers: You Can Buy A Smartphone Preloaded With Spyware Now

Dear Creepers: You Can Buy A Smartphone Preloaded With Spyware Now

Are you a jealous lover, helicopter parent or otherwise neurotic human being with crippling trust issues? Then we have the answer to all your problems right here. No, it’s not therapy (although, you know, good idea); it’s a top-of-the-line smartphone that comes pre-loaded with all the spyware an overbearing human could ever hope for.

The surveillance company selling the devious devices, mSpy, is still in its infancy, with its first brick-and-mortar store having been recently set up in New York City. Anyone can buy one of the phones online though, with each spyware-loaded handset going for about $200 more than the phone’s usual price. And considering that these aren’t just crappy burner phones (models include the iPhone 5s, HTC One, Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4), you could be looking at forking over nearly a grand.

But think of all the information that roughly $900 makes you privy to! In addition to using your (victim/loved one’s) mSpy phone as a bug to record any conversations in its vicinity, there is a disconcertingly long list of features including but not limited to the ability to:

  • Check call histories
  • Record calls
  • Block numbers
  • Read text messages
  • Lock and wipe data
  • Log each keystroke
  • Check GPS location
  • Sort through every sent/received email
  • Browse their calendar and address book
  • Look through photos and videos
  • Block apps and websites.

Interestingly enough, this is all perfectly legal. Technically, these phones are being sold under the pretense that the eventual user will be fully informed of the wildly invasive tracking software. Of course, no one’s actually enforcing these rules.

If this sounds like the phone for you(r child/employee/lover with a wandering eye), then you can head on over to mSpy now and pick one up for anywhere between $650 and $880. And god help whoever’s receiving it. [mSpy via BetaBeat]