Crooks Hack Into ATM Via A 15-Metre Tunnel

Crooks Hack Into ATM to Steal Cash (Using a 50-Foot Tunnel)

Forget infected USB sticks and complex card skimmers: sometimes, the low-tech solutions work just as well. Now, a team of crooks from Salford, UK, has used a simple old tunnel to steal cash from an ATM.

The team of criminals dug a 50-foot tunnel under a building to gain access to an ATM outside a Tesco store. The police explains that "the thieves tunnelled under nearby wasteland overnight and into the shop, where they stole cash boxes containing a substantial sum of money. The thieves then disappeared back through the tunnel and escaped with the cash."

It's believed the tunnel may have taken months to dig, "because of the amount of planning that was involved and complex nature of the tunnel structure." It worked, though: they made off with a "significant amount of cash," and are yet to be caught. [Greater Manchester Police via Verge]

Images by Catatronic under Creative Commons licence.

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