An Early Look At IKEA’s Light, Cheap And Portable 2014 Collection

An Early Look At IKEA’s Light, Cheap And Portable 2014 Collection

IKEA is already the gold standard for furniture that moves well, but this year its designers are pushing the art of nomadism even further. Images of IKEA’s new PS collection have arrived, and its name — On the Move — says it all.

Just a few weeks ago, IKEA announced the untimely demise of its super-popular Expedit shelving system, igniting the intense rage of vinyl lovers everywhere. Perhaps this little sneak peek is meant to pacify us — it shows a handful of items from the 40-object-strong PS Collection, which is IKEA’s less expensive, “younger” line.

These products are designed “for a home in constant motion,” explains the company, which put out a teaser video showing each new product being carried by young, hip urbanites across their cities:

A closer look at a few of the products include this great transforming lantern-style pendant lamp:

And cute balancing beam for kids:

A bench clearly designed for a foyer:

And this ingenious little space-saving shelving system:

Here’s a bit more of IKEA’s description of the collection:

Today, for the first time ever, more people live in cities than in the countryside. They move more often and live in smaller spaces. But they still dream of a beautiful, functional home that perfectly fits their lives. And perhaps most importantly, they have less money to spend. These global insights have inspired the IKEA PS 2014 collection.

The IKEA PS 2014 collection targets creative young urbanites. Therefore, it was important that it was designed by the very same creative young urbanites. And to truly make the collection globally relevant it was essential that the creative team included designers from every corner of the globe. A team of young designers was chosen to work closely with IKEA’s own in-house designers to bring IKEA PS 2014 to life.

Gifs: Interiors Addict.

So, by you for you, or something like that. Of course, in reality, each of these collections is the result of more than five years of planning and testing by hundreds of team members and value engineers. But from the looks of it, they have done a good job with this one. The collection launches on 1 April 2014 and will likely hit shelves towards the middle of the month. [IKEA, Core77, Nordic Days]