A Connected Scale That Adjusts Your Recipe If You’re Low On Ingredients

Is there anything worse than raiding your kitchen for a recipe only to discover you don’t quite have enough of one of the required ingredients? Going to the store is one solution, but for those of us too lazy to go that route, the iPad-connected Drop kitchen scale will actually adjust a recipe based on the ingredients you do have.

Designed specifically for bakers who need to follow the exact ratios so a recipe turns out, the scale wirelessly connects to an accompanying iPad app chock full of recipes. You measure out the ingredients you do have, and if you find yourself lacking anything, the app will either recommend a possible substitution, or simply scale back the recipe to accommodate what you have on hand.

App-connected scales already exist when it comes to mixing cocktails, and applying the same strategy to baking makes even more sense given how crucial following a recipe can be. And while the Drop isn’t available for sale just yet, you can leave your email address on its site to snag one as soon as they’re available. Until then, it’s probably fine to swap in bacon bits for chocolate chips when making cookies. [Get Drop via PSFK]