You Can Roll These Cabins-On-Wheels To Wherever You Want

You Can Roll These Cabins-On-Wheels To Wherever You Want

There are houses and then there are RVs. But a company called Wheelhaus sells something that’s somewhere between the two: fully built-out cabins that are easily hitched to a trailer and dragged to new locations.

Wheelhaus was founded by Jackson Hole native Jamie Mackay, whose carpenter dad gave him a background in building. His idea was to apply the same traditional techniques to recreational vehicles — now, he sells six built-to-order models on the Wheelhaus website.

So, how does this work? You place an order based on one of the models, but you can request changes to the design — within reason. Then, you customise the interior finishes (track lighting! Fireplaces! Glass showers!), and Wheelhaus takes two to four months to actually build your order. The company wraps it up in a protective covering, loads it onto a trailer, and delivers it to your door — or whatever spot you have picked out in the bush. It takes roughly two to five days to hook up the plumbing and electricity.

The basic models themselves are actually pretty nice. Here’s the Caboose, which comes with a lofted sleeping space:

And the Rail Car, with a pitched roof and double decks that can be customised with a firepit or hot tub:

And an Airstream-inspired model called the Silo:

They’re certainly not cheap though — the cabins start at around $US75,000. But hey, you’ll save on hotels, right? [Wheelhaus]