Woody Doll's Tiny Toy Gun Confiscated By Airport Security

Woody Doll's Tiny Toy Gun Confiscated by Airport Security

The noble men and women of TSA aren't the only ones doing their part to keep the toy chests of the world free from terrorism. Just a few days ago, Heathrow Airport security successfully disarmed a one Mr Woody of Toy Story fame, confiscating his inch-long, vaguely pistol-shaped piece of plastic and ensuring a safer tomorrow in the process.

The recent victory for freedom came to light when Reddit user jhazen27 posted the above photo, explaining, "I have travelled the world with Toy Story's Woody, taking pics for my son. At Heathrow, security just confiscated his 'weapon', keep the world safe boys."

The particularly odd bit is the fact that in Toy Story Woody doesn't actually ever carry a gun, and as far as we can tell, no Woody dolls currently being sold even come with one. So the itty bitty fake weapon's origins remain a mystery. [Reddit via The Daily Mail]


    So, technically they were RIGHT in confiscating the gun from a toy that has never come with one. It would be hard to argue against reasonable suspicion when there is no evidence for a woody toy ever coming with a gun, plus the fact that the gun seems to have a different quality of molding than the plastic parts on the doll itself.

      The kid probably just stuck a gun from another roy on his hand. And in case you didn't notice the gun is only slightly bigger than the guy's fingernail. This isn't Get Smart, tiny guns don't actually work.

      Wow... can't tell if trolling or not... But there is clearly not even a barrel on that bit of plastic, where do the tiny teensy little bullets come out...?

    Oh look at that, my son's woody doll has lost his little pistol... *yoink*

    I have a woody as well !

    So, could you ban Ronald Reagan on the basis his name sounds like it has a gun in it?

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