Tour The Opulent, Evacuated McMansions Of Ukraine’s Fallen Leaders

Tour The Opulent, Evacuated McMansions Of Ukraine’s Fallen Leaders

Earlier this week, surreal images emerged of Ukrainian protesters storming the palace of President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled the capital city after violent unrest. Now, protesters have made their way into another mansion, the home of attorney general Victor P. Pshonka. No ostriches, as were found on Yanukovych’s estate, but there are Fabergé eggs!

The presidential compound known as Mezhygirya is located an hour outside of Kiev. It is a 345-acre estate that includes a golf course, helipad, car and boat collection, and the previously mentioned ostrich farm.

In 2011, Yanukovych gave a highly publicized tour of Mezhygirya, where he tried to made it appear as if it was a regular home, not a five-storey, marble-clad Italianate villa with a Craftsman hunting lodge on top of it.

When protesters arrived they wandered the grounds, even taking a few swings on the golf course with Yanukovych’s clubs.

Police quickly stationed themselves around the house to prevent looting, but that didn’t stop plenty of people from taking a turn at the grand piano.

After serving nearly four years, attorney general Pshonka was ousted from power earlier this week and a warrant was issued for his arrest. His place is smaller and slightly less tasteful. It almost reminds me of a home in New Jersey.

Like any well-respected leader he has plenty of imagery of himself throughout the house.

There are palatial bedrooms to help him sleep well at night.

And an indoor pool, complete with hot tub, for the cold Ukrainian winter.

Finally, as promised: sparkly eggs! [Chubuk Evhen via English Russia]

Yanukovych photos by Andrew Lubimov/AP, Efrem Lukatsky/AP. Pshonka photos by Chubuk Evhen