SF To Google: Get Your Dang Mystery Barge Off Our Lawn

Google’s mystery barge that’s been floating in San Francisco Bay since last year? Yeah, it’s gotta go because Google never secured any permits for it to be there in the first place.

Per the AP:

The notice came after the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission investigated numerous complaints about the construction of the floating, four-story building, commission executive director Larry Goldzband said. The investigation found that neither the Treasure Island Development Authority nor the city of San Francisco had applied for required permits for the work to be done at the site.

That might explain why work on the barge mysteriously stopped back in December. However, it’s not the end of the road for the floating whatever — yes, actually we still aren’t sure what this thing is. State officials say Google can restart work work once it has moved the secret boat to a “fully permitted” facility in the bay. Meanwhile, we’re still accepting guesses (Google Glass store?) as to what the story is behind the barge in the first place. [AP]