New Study Confirms That Dark Chocolate Is Very Good For Your Health

New study confirms that dark chocolate is very good for your health

Confirmed: Dark chocolate is good for your heart. Really good. What's better, scientists have discovered that people who eat 70 grams of chocolate every day increase their vascular health dramatically by "restoring flexibility to arteries and preventing white cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels".

The research published in the March 2014 issue of The FASEB Journal one of the most respected publications in experimental biology — was conducted on 44 middle-aged overweight men over two periods of four weeks.

Previous investigations said that regular dark chocolate may not be that good for you because manufacturers remove flanavol from it, which is too bitter for most people. But according to Doctor Diederik Esser — one of the paper's authors — "increasing flavanol content has no added beneficial effect on vascular health." Adding chemical shit, however, will have an effect on your health, so please don't stuff your faces with industrial crap chocolate sold by the likes of Hershey's and Cadbury.

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