Lorde Posted ‘Royals’ To 4chan Before It Hit #1 [Updated]

Lorde Posted ‘Royals’ To 4chan Before It Hit #1 [Updated]


Way back in December 2012, someone claiming ownership over the song Royals, presumably Lorde, posted the song to 4chan’s music forum looking for advice:

Hey /mu/, I’d appreciate any criticism and feedback on a song I am doing. Thanks.

She got very little feedback from 4channers at the time, with only a couple of replies. This was the most helpful:

pretty cool, dawg. don’t like your background vocals on the chorus. you should get other people to do that. it’d be cool to have dudes for that, like you were the queen of them or whatever.

It just gets grating when it’s your voice x1000, you have a strong enough voice to hold on its own, but having it layered makes it sound a little odd…

Solid song though, would listen again.

Update: Lorde says she never posted the song. Someone clearly wanted the world to think it was her! [4chan Archive via r/all]