If You Can’t Fix Potholes, Use ‘Em For Bottle Service

If You Can’t Fix Potholes, Use ‘Em For Bottle Service

In Montreal, Canada, two artists decided that if potholes are here to stay, they can at least provide a little levity. Photographer Davide Luciano and food stylist Claudia Ficca took to the streets to transform “the bad into good”, after spending $800 on repairs when their car hit a pothole a few years ago.

They found the biggest, most notorious potholes they could and gave each one a new use: a bowl for spaghetti, a cooler for champagne, a place to wash your dog and so on.

And yes — they actually did stage these scenes. For example, here’s a chef frying up some doughnuts:

Or grape stomping:

Or two friends, just palling around on a summer afternoon:

Or some ladies have a wild ~*GiRl’S nIgHt OuT*~:

And so on. To me, these images hold a mirror up to that surreal part of winter when it gets so bad, it starts getting funny. Check out a few more on Luciano’s website. [Davide Luciano]