Four-Year-Old Adorably Starts Crying Because Of A Sad Song

Watch Jackson, an awesome four-year-old kid, become overwhelmed by a beautifully sad song while riding in his Dad’s car. He tries to fight off the tears, but he can’t help it.

He starts crying because the music is so touching but he doesn’t want to change the song. He can’t. He takes off his glasses to feel the hurt even more. Even if it’s so sad, he loves it. It’s an adorable struggle to see him embrace the emotions of music. We have all felt like this kid before. We still do.

And trust us Jax, the entire world and every human being who has ever loved and listened to music is with you, man. Even adults. Even your dad. Even your mum. Even your grandpa. Eventually the tough kid at the playground will too. Never change! Sometimes certain songs can completely floor an adult into a bawling mess. That’s just the power of music.

The video was posted onto YouTube by Mark Blitch. The song is ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World. The kid is awesome.