First Video Of The Steve Jobs Time Capsule Being Unearthed

First Video of the Steve Jobs Time Capsule Being Unearthed

This past September, one of the most sought after "lost" time capsules of the 20th century was finally found. After years of various people searching for the thing, the so-called Steve Jobs capsule was finally unearthed in Aspen by a team of excavators from the National Geographic Channel show Diggers. And now we have video of the discovery.

Originally compiled at a 1983 conference in Aspen, Colorado, the 4m long tube was planned to be unearthed in the year 2000. But new landscaping around the time capsule site made it impossible to find. Until the Diggers crew took on the case.

The capsule includes contributions from a number of people, but the items donated by Steve Jobs (including an original Lisa mouse) made this capsule a highly desired target. You can see video of them cracking open the enormous tube capsule below.


Picture: Screenshot of the Steve Jobs capsule being opened from the National Geographic program

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