Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The McLaren P1 Is In Here

The McLaren P1 is the real deal. The new thing. The next evolution. The fusion of motoring with science. And this massive review contains everything you need to know about the new greatest supercar ever.

Chris Harris at /DRIVE went to Abu Dhabi to review the P1, and found himself in the company of one of the originals: one of the cars McLaren use to find out whether it could actually sell this crazy marriage of science and racing.

The McLaren P1 that gets sent around Yas Marina is one of the cars actually sent out into the desert conditions to see if it could survive once they reached their owners.

At least it didn't end up as bad as its P1 brothers which were used for crash testing. Ouch.

The review is broken up into three parts: an in-depth interview with on how the car was built and how it works, the second is a test of the car out on the Abu Dhabi streets, and the third is a series of screaming night laps around the Yas Marina F1 circuit for good measure.

It's 30-minutes of pure driving pleasure.

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