Do You Ever Click On In-App Advertisements?

Do You Ever Click On In-App Advertisements?

“I’ll just ignore the ads,” you tell yourself whenever you choose a free app instead of paying for the no-ad version. But nobody can really ignore those ads — they’re splattered all across your screen. And somebody’s gotta be clicking on them. Is it you? You can tell us.

I started wondering about this earlier today, when the creator of the free-with-ads game Flappy Bird announced he’s killing the game. Rumour has it the game pulls in $US50,000 a day in ads. That’s some serious money! Obviously, not everyone is ignoring the little billboards that come with the fiendishly annoying game.

Personally, while I try my best not to click on in-app ads, I definitely have a hard time ignoring them. Oh sure, I can pretend like I’m unswayable, but you throw an ad for free breadsticks at Olive Garden on my screen, and my mouth starts watering. I’m a sucker like anyone else.

So, fess up: are you really ignoring those ads? Or do you indulge a secret click every now and again?

Image: Shutterstock / bloomua