Australian Man Selling Marty McFly’s Nike’s And Hoverboard For $5m

Australian Man Selling Marty McFly’s Nike’s And Hoverboard For $5m

How’s this for ambitious? A buyer in the 2011 Nike Air Mag auction for the Michael J Fox Foundation thinks that they can on-sell the shoes and the novelty hoverboard for a cool $5 million.

For those not familiar with the Nike Air Mag, they’re the shoe from Back To The Future worn by Marty McFly when he lands in the future, created by Nike for a charity auction a few years ago.

The upper of the shoe is made of reinforced mesh. The outer sole is lined with LED panels that’ll light up just like all futuristic shoes imagined in the ’80s should (we’re not talking corny LA Gear shoes here, people). The Air Mag is rechargeable and will stay lit for five hours. There’s also a electroluminescent Nike logo in the strap. It’s pretty much the exact replica of the pair of shoes Marty McFly famously wore with a few slight tweaks to add more support and comfort.

One Aussie buyer of the limited-edition shoes decided that they would try and profit from their purchase in 2011, and decided to sell his lot for $5 million:


To my knowledge this is the ONLY Real 100% Authentic Pair of Nike Air Mags and PRE ORDED ( so it comes with the limited Mini ) Hover Board for sale in Australia at this time.

Included in this is

1x Pair of Size 10 Nike Air Mags 2011 Auctioned off for the Micheal J Fox Foundation in 2011, there was only 1500 pairs of these shoes made in the world. the number on the Cert of Authentic is 953/1500. These shoes have never been worn, the original box has minor wear and tear but that is the be expected after 3 years but nothing to devalue the shoes. 100% Authentic not copies.

1x Official Adult collector limited edition Hover Board WITH THE MINI Hover Board which are now out of production.
This has been opened very carefully for photo purposes only other than that is as brand new.

The sale also comes with the Back To The Future Blu-ray trilogy. How kind.


Casey Chan contributed to this article