Australia Has The World's Best 4G According To New Report

It isn't very often that we get good news about the state of the internet in Australia, but according to OpenSignal's State of LTE report for the first quarter of 2014, Australia has the fastest LTE/4G in the world thanks mostly to Telstra.

The OpenSignal report looks at countries all over the world, and analyses their 4G networks to see who has the best coverage, best speed and best carriers. Australia went up against sixteen other countries for the title, finally coming in first with Italy in second place followed by Brazil and Hong Kong.

The average download speed experienced on Australia's world-beating 4G networks is 24.5Mbps, thanks mostly to stellar results from Telstra, who was the first telco to deploy the super-fast networking standard in the land Down Under back in 2011.

Telstra ranked second in the world on 4G speeds, with a result of 23.8Mbps. The only carrier to beat Telstra's stellar 4G speed result was Claro, a Brazilian carrier, with speeds of 27.8Mbps.

The next Australian carrier in the list is Optus, which manages to squeeze out a speed of 19Mbps, giving it a rank of 10th in the world. Despite crowing about its new 4G network credentials, Vodafone doesn't seem to appear in the list.

Australia's 4G has been on the up-and-up since the last report, with average speeds improving from 17.3Mbps up to the 24.5Mbps average now being reported.

Now if we could only get our wireless latency speeds improved upon... [OpenSignal]

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    I thought Vodafone had a higher average 4G speed than Telstra. Seems odd to not include them.

      Vodafone AU, no. 18 on the list... Was it that hard to read!? I'm on a mobile and saw it quiteclearly

        Pity that's Vodafone UK at #18. There is only 2 Australian flags. Telstra and Optus.

          OpenSignal excluded Vodafone AU from this list because all OpenSignal users on Vodafone are in Sydney and Melbourne, so they didn't see that as a wide enough sample to represent all of Australia.

          That's the reason.

        I guess that "vodafone U" looks like a lot like "vodafone AU" on a small screen.

    Sadly the 4G is faster at my house than the best I can get ADSL2+ speeds.

      my goddamn HSPDA is faster at my house than my ADSL2+

    I wonder how our data plans and pricing compare.

    Wait, how is our overall average download speed higher than the individual average download speeds for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone?

      Good spotting!

    $60 for 8GB of data .... AAAAAANNNDDDD it's gone.

      Here sir let me add a data pack to your plan.....Aaaaaaaaaaaand its gone.

    Surprising to see USA ranking so poorly.

      Could be wrong but I'd imagine network congestion would have a lot do with that.

        Yes, network congestion on the hardware side not being able to keep up with the rapid roll-out and subsequent demand.

    4G? What's 4G? Must be a city thing.

      Not my city : (

    I wonder how the average is calculated. My home ADSL2 is usually running at full and gets 16mbps and my 4G...which coverage is pretty poor from home, still manages about 100mbps at peak to lowest 60mbps when i use speedtest and upload about 35mbps... when they do average is it from a speedtest pov or integrated with sites that throttle data speed anyway???

    I frequently get over 100mbps on my Telstra 4G.

    My American friends are jealous until I tell them the price of data.

    I am on Optus and due to their rolling out 4g on stupid frequencies in Canberra, I get no 4g reception. They currently have 2 phones that support the frequencies that they use here and my nice shiny new Note 3 isn't one of them. They have no plans to roll out anything else here. So given that there are only 2 phones that support it, I would say that 4g speed on optus in Canberra would be pretty awesome because next to no one is on it...

      Telstra 4G in Canberra is really not very flash. Max I've gotten to at the Airport was 17 MBP/s. When I was in Melbourne, I smashed the 35MBP/s.

      Canberra 4G is pretty meh (Compared to the max theoretical speeds)

      This is not actually Optus's fault. Back in the mid 1990s when the ACMA was handing out 1800Mhtz spectrum for mobile phones, Optus didn't get any in Canberra. Only Telstra and Vodafone did. Optus were forced to use 2300mhtz instead.

      Try Vodafone, they have just rolled out 4G in Canberra. (and your Note 3 will support it)

      Alternatively, drop the data on your plan down to the lowest level, and then get a 4G wifi hotspot to use for data. $27 on Optus will get you 1.5Gb or if you buy the modem yourself ($180) and get a sim from iinet $35 a month will get you 10Gb (yes i'm serious, and yes it is 4G). Then carry around that tiny wifi hotspot with you.

      Last edited 24/02/14 12:44 pm

    I get 60/40mbps on 4g, and I get 12/1 on ADSL2. The difference is I get 500GB a month for around $60 on ADSL. On 4G wireless 500GB would cost me, $95 for 15GB, then 10 cents x 485000 = $48,500. FIFTY FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS for 500GB of 4g. Fuck off Telstra.

      Yep. What's the point of having ultra fast speeds from Telstra when you can't afford the cost of data. You suck Telstra

      You could buy 33 SIM cards on the 15Gb $95 plan and swap them out as they hit their data cap so it'd only cost you $3170...

        They have a 25Gb plan now too.

        The fact of the matter is tomorrow night when i'm coming home from the CBD late, I will be able to download Neighbours in less than 1 minute (around 3 megabytes per second). That will use 180mb of my quota.

        I'm happy that I can do things extremely fast. 2 minutes is a lot faster than 30+ minutes (on 3G) so what's the problem?

        What's so special about Gizmodo commenters that every file they download is 10 gigs in size? Know your quota limits and stick to them.

        Oh and for the people saying about American data limits - they are introducing quotas of 2Gb, 4Gb, etc now too so they can fight congestion. Not every LTE network in the States has unlimited data and those that do are extremely slow.

    haha.. where do you think the ludicrous pricing of mobile phone contracts go? Goes into them building up a network that most of us can't use because most people don't have a 4G phone anyhow or are in a usable area. They mostly did that so they can be the "king" of the area in one place of the world... they know where the money's at... Mobile phone network is cheaper to set up and run the POTS.. and that's coming from a tech in Telstra that told me that a long time ago... greedy bastards.. they say you pay for the privilege... I laughed then as I do now.. shouldn't be a privilege in this day and age.

    Totally got 97mbps down on my Cat 4 GS4 from Vodafone

    How is Japan so low? I'm currently planning a trip to Japan and was looking into mobile data access.
    For $60 a week i can rent an LTE pocket wifi with unlimited data that reaches 75 mbps.

      at optimal condition.
      considering Japan has 127M people crammed into a country, smaller than Victoria, I reckon optimal condition almost never happens.

    So Telstra 4g has largest coverage foot print in Australia and fastest speed.

    How dare they charge more for mobile data then the competition who provide an inferior product.

    I'm quite surprised with these numbers. Meanwhile, I still hope there will be more improvement for NBN

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