All Bike Racks Should Have A Neat Storage Shelf Like This

All Bike Racks Should Have A Neat Storage Shelf Like This

Everyday cyclists will know that when you come to lock up your bike in the city you end up dropping a whole heap of stuff on the floor to free your hands. So why don’t all bike racks feature a cool shelf like this?

A concept by Fuseproject — they’re the design guys behind all the Jawbone products — these bike racks are part of a newly proposed range of city furniture called MultipliCITY. About half the staff at Fuseproject bike, and so it’s no surprise that they take the plight of the cyclist seriously. Yves Béhar from the company explains:

“We wanted to create things that were more responsive to the way people ride bikes today. For instance, they have more luggage when they go to work than for a ride in the park… [It’s] acknowledging the fact that people are biking to work with bags with computers in them.”

It may seem like a little and almost pointless addition, but in reality it would be super useful, placing your kit easily within reach and meaning no more scrabbling around on the floor each time you lock up. The range actually includes benches, tables, recycling cans and more, too, all designed to “recognise the fact that we’re working everywhere, not just at home.”

The resulting MultipliCITY line comes flat-packed so it can be shipped internationally at a lower cost. We can’t wait to see them popping up all over the place. [Fuseproject via Fast Co Design]