A Simple Trick To Keep Your GoPro Footage Steady

GoPro is the best-selling camera in the world, because, like a good date, you can take the tough sucker anywhere. Just mount it on your surfboard/snowboard/bicycle, and it will snag back dope fisheye footage for your bragging video. Handholding a GoPro, however, yields shaky results.

The above video from professional wakeboarder and video producer MicBergsma demonstrates a simple tip to help you get better results from your GoPro: Hold the GoPro up to your face to use your body’s natural stabilisation to your advantage. While I’ve never tried this with a GoPro, it’s very similar to clenching a heavy DSLR up against your body, using it as a natural tripod when you’re shooting at very slow shutter speeds. It’s a common photographer’s trick. Of course, MicBergsma’s trick isn’t going to work in all situations, but it’s just another tool to throw on the heap so you can get better footage from you adventures.