Why Jellyfish Sting (And Whether You Should Really Pee On Them)

It's not uncommon to be on the receiving end of jellyfish's sting when you go for a swim in the sea -- but what is it that provides that numb feeling you get as a result? And should you really pee on it to make it better?

In actual fact, the jellyfish shoots out a neurotoxic venom that's enough to paralyse its prey but only hurt humans. And as for peeing on it? Turns out that's more of an excuse for your friends to cover you in their urine than provide any real help. Typical. [YouTube]


    I got stung by a small jellyfish last summer while swimming in the ocean (turned out this happened to quite a few people at the time).

    The solution isn't urine, it's vinegar: luckily a local fish and chip shop was happy for us to use their vinegar, they said they'd helped out a few other people that week too. Apparently washing the sting off with fresh water wasn't the right move first, however.

    Vinegar all the way :D

    Well the most recent research I heard on the radio the other day suggested that bathing the stung area in warm water was the best immediate form of pain relief.

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