Vodafone Finally Releases 4G Modem And Wi-Fi Hotspots With Plans To Match

Vodafone has had a fancy and fast 4G network for some time now, but data-hungry customers with multiple devices have been patiently tapping their feet waiting for something that can connect all of them at once. Enter the 4G Pocket Wi-Fi hotspots from Vodafone, able to connect up to 10 devices at once.

Both the new USB broadband device and the Pocket Wi-Fi hotspots will be available on new 4G data plans from Vodafone.

$20 per month gets you 2.5GB per month, $30 gets you 4GB and $45 gets you an 8GB monthly allowance. The data card and Pocket Wi-Fi hotspot range from $3 to $7 per month at most on the plans, with the most expensive combined data and device plan costing $50 per month for 8GB of data per month and the Pocket Wi-Fi hotspot on a 24-month contract.

Here are the plans in a handy table:

All of Voda's new 4G devices are classed as Category 4, meaning theoretical speeds of 150Mbps are possible. Those speeds are highly theoretical, with real world speeds of around half that considered good.

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